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Adios Amigo (1975)
Fred Williamson wrote, directed and starred in this offbeat western comedy. He plays an easy mark for con man Richard Pryor. $19.95

Beware! (1946)
Featuring Louis Jordan and His Tympany Orchestra - with Valerie Black, Milton Woods, Frank Wilson. 'The Maestro with a beat! Louie's a Lulu!' $19.95

Big Timers (1945)
'A hot time in a Sugar Hill motel! A merry mad mix-up! Daring! Gay!' Starring Stepin Fetchit and an All-American All-Girl Band. $19.95

The Black Brigade (1969)
a.k.a. Carter's Army
A predujiced Army officer takes command of an all black unit during WWII. Starring Richard Pryor, Rosie Grier, Billy Dee Williams, Susan Oliver and Stephen Boyd. Color. $19.95

The Black Godfather (1974)
A black gangster battles his white counterparts. Starring Rod Perry, Damu King and Jimmy Witherspoon. Color. $19.95

The Black King (1932)
Starring S.B. Comathiere. $19.95

The Black Military Experience (1944)
Includes 'The Negro Soldier' directed by Frank Capra, plus 'The Navy Steward' and 'The Negro Sailor.' $19.95

Blaxploitation Cartoons
Racist cartoons from a bygone era. Includes 'Little Black Sambo,' 'Jungle Jitters' and more. $19.95

Blood of Jesus (1941)
'The most reverent colored picture ever produced!' Starring Spencer Williams, Cathryn Caviness, The Heavenly Choir and a 'magnificent cast of colored artists.' $19.95

Boardinghouse Blues (1948)
Dusty Flecther. $19.95

Body and Soul (1927)
Starring Paul Robeson. $19.95

Boy! What a Girl (1947)
Two black would-be showbiz moguls try to raise money for their new production, and enlist the help of a notorious female impersonator to persuade a sex-starved prospect. Starring Duke Williams, Elwood Smith, Betti Mays, Sheila Guyse, Warren Patterson, Sybil Lewis and Tim Moore ('Kingfish' from TV's Amos n Andy). Also with Big Sid Catlett, The Slam Stewart Trio, The International Jitterbugs, The Harlemaniacs, Deek Watson and the Brown Dots, Ann Cornell, Milton Woods and featuring a surprise visit by legendary drummer Gene Krupa. This entertaining film features plenty of great music. $14.95

Broken Strings (1940)
Well-done film about the tribulations of a concert violinist and his son. It seems the boy prefers swing music to Pop's classical brand. Starring Clarence Muse (who co-wrote the script), Stymie Beard, Edward Thompson, Sybil Lewis and William Washington. $19.95

The Bronze Buckaroo (1938)
Western fun with Herb Jeffries (the first black singing cowboy in movies), Spencer Williams, Lucius Brooks, Clarence Brooks, Flournoy E. Miller and The Four Tones. $19.95

Bronze Venus (1938)
a.k.a. The Duke is Tops - 'Grand fun, music and jive!' Starring Lena Horne (in her movie debut), Ralph Cooper, Lawrence Criner, The Basin Street Boys and The Cats and the Fiddle. Produced by Harry M. Popkin ('D.O.A.'). $19.95

Burlesque in Harlem
Music and comedy shorts. $19.95

Check and Double Check (1930)
Starring 'Amos and Andy,' Sue Carol, Duke Ellington. $19.95

The Devil's Daughter (1939)
Voodoo exploitation from Sack Amusement Enterprises. Starring Nina Mae McKinney ('Pinky,' 'Night Train to Memphis') and 'an all-star colored cast.' $14.95

Dirty Gertie from Harlem (1946)
Francine Everett. $19.95

Double Deal (1939)
'Guns bark as rival gangs fight for power!' A gorgeous singer is caught in the middle of an underworld struggle. Starring Monte Hawley, Jeni Le Gon, Edward Thompson, Florence O'Brien, Sheldon Brooks and F.E. Miller. $19.95

The Emperor Jones (1933)
Adapted from the play by Eugene O'Neill, this film chronicles the rise and fall of Brutus Jones (Paul Robeson) - a Pullman porter who becomes an island king before being cut down to size. Robeson's performance as a womanizing scoundrel is fascinating to watch. Also with Fredi Washington, Dudley Diggs, Ruby Elzy, Rex Ingram, Frank Wilson and Jackie 'Moms' Mabley. $14.95

Gang War (1940)
Rival Harlem gangs battle for control of the jukebox market. Starring Ralph Cooper, Monte Hawley and Gladys Snyder. Produced by Harry M. Popkin ('D.O.A.') $14.95

The Girl from Chicago (1939)
Carl Mahon. $19.95

Girl in Room 20 (1946)
A young girl journeys to Harlem to make it as a singer. Among her 'admirers' is a married nightclub manager. Starring Geraldine Brock, Spencer Williams, John Hemmings, Myra Hemmings, G.T. Sutton and July Jones. Directed by Spencer Williams. $19.95

Go Down Death (1941)
Directed by and starring Spencer Williams. Also with Samuel L. Jones, Irene Campbell, Myra D. Hemmings and Eddy Houston. $19.95

God's Stepchildren (1937)
A young mulatto girl is abandoned by her parents and sent to an all-black school. She rebels and does her best to cross the color line. Alice B. Russell, Jacqueline Lewis, Carmen Newsome, Gloria Press and Ethel ('The Black Harlow') Moses. $19.95

Harlem Rides the Range (1939)
Two-gun action and songs with cowboy star Herb Jeffries. $19.95

Harlem Variety Review (1939)
(Showtime at the Apollo)
Featuring Duke Ellington, Nipsey Russell, Herb Jeffries, Nat 'King' Cole, Mantan Moreland, Lionel Hampton and many other stars. $19.95

Hi De Ho (1947)
Starring Cab Calloway, Ida James and Jeni LeGon. 'Hey now! The Jive Maestro pours it on! All-time all-Negro musical hit!' $19.95

It's Good to be Alive (1974)
The Roy Campanella story starring Paul Winfield, Lou Gossett and Ruby Dee. Directed by Michael Landon. Color. $19.95

The Jackie Robinson Story (1950)
Fine screen bio of the first black man to play major league baseball. Starring Jackie Robinson as himself, Ruby Dee, Minor Watson, Louise Beavers, Richard Lane, Harry Shannon, Ben Lessy and Joel Fluellen. $19.95

Jazz Concert
Featuring Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington. $19.95

Jericho (1937) a.k.a. Dark Sands
When a soldier is unjustly imprisoned, he escapes and joins up with an African tribe - rising in power until he becomes a regional leader. Starring Paul Robeson, Henry Wilcoxin, Wallace Ford, Princess Kouka and John Laurie. $19.95

The Joe Louis Story (1941)
Highly regarded film biography of the legendary boxing champ 'told with a boldness that will rock you.' Starring Coley Wallace as Louis, with Paul Stewart, James Edwards, John Marley and Dotts Johnson. 'Alternately touching, understanding and heart-poundingly exciting.' - Variety This terrific film - which incorporates actual Louis fight footage - was one of the first to portray black people in an honest and non-patronizing way. Highly recommended. $14.95

Joshua the Black Rider (1976)
Starring Fred Williamson and Calvin Bartlet. Color. $19.95

Judge Priest (1934)
A small town judge manages to be controversial despite his folksy common sense approach. Starring Will Rogers, Stepin Fetchit, Hattie McDaniel, Tom Brown, Anita Louise and Henry B. Walthall. Many excellent (and hilarious) performances. $19.95

Juke Joint (1947)
'The joint is jumpin' - the jive is jivin' - the jam is jammin'!' Partners July Jones and Spencer Williams arrive in a small Texas town, broke and in need of accomodations. The fun begins even before they meet a parade of amusing characters. Also with Leonard Duncan, Inez Newell, Dauphin Moore, Melody Duncan, Katherine Moore and Red Calhoun's Orchestra. $19.95

Junction 88 (1947)
Bob Howard and 'Pigmeat' Markham. $19.95

Keep Punching (1938)
'The picture that packs a powerhouse wallop!' Starring Willie Bryant, Mae Jonson, Hamtree Harrington, Francine Everett, Dooley Wilson, Lee Norman's Orchestra, Arthur White's Lindy Hoppers and the legendary boxing champ Henry ('Hammerin' Hank') Armstrong. $19.95

Killer Diller (1948)
Starring The King Cole Trio, Butterfly McQueen, Andy Kirk and His Band, Dusty Fletcher and Jackie 'Moms' Mabley. $19.95

King Solomon's Mines (1937)
Paul Robeson stars as Umbopa in this fine memorable version of the famous African adventure. Also starring Cedric Hardwicke, Roland Young, John Loder, Ecce Homo Toto and Anna Lee. Remade in 1952 and 1985. $19.95

Look Out Sister! (1947)
Louis Jordan, Monte Hawley. $19.95

Lucky Ghost (1941)
Starring Georgia Kelly and Hugo Martin. Directed by Spencer Williams. $19.95

Lying Lips (1939)
Starring Edna Mae Harris. $19.95

Marching On (1943)
a.k.a. Where's My Man To-Nite
Starring Mantan Moreland. A young is drafted, but finds adjusting to military life difficult because he isn't convinced the war (WWII) is right. Directed by Spencer Williams, Jr. $19.95

Mark of the Hawk (1957) a.k.a. Accused
Starring Sidney Poitier, Juano Hernandez, John McIntire and Eartha Kitt. Exploration of racial equality and the means of achieving it (violent vs. non-violent). A British production filmed in Africa. $19.95

Mean Mother (1973)
Two Army buddies in Viet Nam (Clifton Brown and Dennis Safren) doublecross the Mob and go AWOL after a drug deal. When they meet up again in Rome - one is masterminding a counterfeiting scheme and the other is transporting a shipment of gold. Rated R. $29.95

Midnight Shadow (1939)
Starring Frances Redd. $19.95

Miracle in Harlem (1944)
Starring Stepin Fetchit. $19.95

Mistaken Identity (1941)
Starring Nelle Hill. $19.95

Moon Over Harlem (1939)
Starring Bud Harris, Cora Green and Alec Lovejoy. $19.95

Murder in Harlem (1935)
When a night watchman discovers the body of a murdered man, he becomes the major suspect in the crime. His beautiful sister hires a lawyer she met several years earlier Starring Clarence Brooks, and together they set about to prove his innocence. Dororthy Van Engle, Alec Lovejoy, Laura Bowman and Bee Freeman. $14.95

Murder on Lenox Avenue (1941)
Starring Mamie Smith, Alec Lovejoy, Edna Mae Harris. $19.95

Murder with Music (1941)
Starring Bob Howard. $19.95

Native Son (1951)
'I didn't mean to kill her!' Richard Wright's savage best-seller explodes onto the screen! With Jean Wallace, Richard Wright, Nicholas Joy and Gloria Madison. $19.95

Paradise in Harlem (1939)
Starring Mamie Smith. $19.95

Princess Tam-Tam (1935)
French production starring Josephine Baker. English subtitles. $19.95

Proud Valley (1940)
Paul Robeson stars in this British film about the struggles of a Welsh coal mining town. $19.95

The Quiet One (1948)
Starring Donald Thompson. $19.95

Rare Black Short Subjects
Includes 'The Negro in Sports,' 'Entertainment and Industry,' 'The All-American Newsreel' and 'Kilroy Was Here.' $19.95

Reet, Petite and Gone (1947)
Starring Louis Jordan. $19.95

The River Niger (1976)
Starring James Earl Jones, Cicely Tyson and Lou Gossett, Jr. Color. $19.95

Sanders of the River (1935)
A decent African cheif (Paul Robeson) does what he can to prevent tribal warfare. From a story by Edgar Wallace and also starring Nina Mae McKinney. The film contains footage of many authentic African ceremonies. $19.95

Scar of Shame (1927)
Debut production from the legendary Colored Players Film Company of Philadelphia. Ashamed of his wife and her background, a young socialite keeps her hidden from his family. Starring Harry Henderson, Norman John Stone, Ann Kennedy, William E. Pettus, Pearl MacCormick, Lawrence Chenault and Lucia Lynn Moses. Silent. $19.95

Sepia Cinderella (1947)
Starring Sheila Guyse. $19.95

Song of Freedom (1936)
A laborer (Paul Robeson) becomes a singing sensation, then discovers he is heir to an African throne. Also starring Orlando Martins, Robert Adams and Elizabeth Welch. $19.95

Son of Ingagi (1940)
'Terror reigns when the giant of the jungles breaks loose. See a love-starved apeman kidnap a a young woman and hold her hostage. Starring Zack Williams, Laura Bowman, Spencer Williams, Alfred Grant, Daisy Bufford and The Four Toppers. From Sack Amusement Enterprises. $19.95

Spirit of Youth (1938)
Featuring legendary boxing champ Joe Louis. $19.95

Sunday Sinners (1941)
Starring Mamie Smith. $19.95

Swing (1938)
Starring Cora Green. $19.95

The Tallest Tree in the Forest
Starring Paul Robeson. $19.95

Tall, Tan and Terrific (1946)
The owner of a Harlem nightspot makes an unexpected killing in a gambling joint, but when he tries to leave with his winnings, the trouble starts! A great musical comedy starring Mantan Moreland, Monte Hawley, Francine Everett, Dots Johnson, Barbara Bradford, Milton Wood and Lou Swarz. $19.95

Ten Minutes to Live (1932)
Starring Laurence Chenault, A.B. Comathiere. $19.95

TNT Jackson (1974)
Playboy playmate Jeanne Bell stars as karate chopping babe who travels to Hong Kong in search of her missing brother. An R-rated (Bell gets her shirt torn off in nearly every fight scene) blaxploitation classic. Color. $19.95

Two Gun Man from Harlem (1938)
Sagebrush saga starring Herb Jeffries, Mary Whitten, Mantan Moreland. $19.95

Veiled Aristocrats (1932)
Starring Lorenzo ('The Black Valentino') Tucker. $19.95

Way Down South (1932)
Strange musical production about a group of 'happy' slaves who face the prospect of being sold to a malevolent master. Starring Bobby Breen, Alan Mowbray, Ralph Morgan, Clarance Muse (who co-wrote the script), Steffi Duna, Sally Blaine and the Hall Johnson Choir. $19.95

White Fire (1983)
A jewel thief makes a perfect duplicate of his sister by using plastic surgery on a woman he barely knows. Starring Fred Williamson, Belinda Mayne and Robert Ginty. Specify 1983 version. Color. $19.95

Zou Zou (1934)
French production starring Josephine Baker and Jean Gabin. English subtitles. $19.95

Art by Ronnie Cramer Music by Ronnie Cramer Films by Ronnie Cramer

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