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Mad Dog Morgan (1976)
Violent action film starring Dennis Hopper as a bloody bandit of the 1800s. Also with Jack Thompson and Michael Pate. Color. $19.95

Made for Each Other (1939)
James Stewart and Carole Lombard star in this tearjerker about a young couple starting out and the pitfalls they face. Also with Louise Beavers, Charles Coburn and Ward Bond. Specify 1939 version. $19.95

The Magnificent Lie (1931)
Ruth Chatterton stars as a famous French actress who entertains the troops during WWI. While visiting an Army hospital, she meets a nearly blind soldier (Ralph Bellamy in his first big role). They meet again years later, but by this time the soldier is completely blind and the actress hires another woman to impersonate her and stay with Bellamy! Also with Charles Boyer and Stuart Irwin. $19.95

Make-Up (1937)
A doctor becomes a circus clown. Starring Nils Asther and Judy Kelly. $19.95

Man of the World (1931)
William Powell plays a journalist working in Paris who makes a career out of blackmailing visiting Americans. Also with Carole Lombard. $19.95

The Man Who Walked Alone (1945)
A returning war hero gets mixed up with a beautiful car thief and is suspected of being a deserter. Starring David O'Brien, Kay Aldridge, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Isobel Randolph and Elmo Lincoln. $19.95

Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring (1971)
Touching drama about a woman (Sally Field) who leaves her family and gets involved in the counterculture. Also with Jackie Cooper and David Carradine. Songs performed by Linda Ronstadt. Color. $19.95

Meet Dr. Christian (1939)
Warm drama about the country doctor made famous on radio. Starring Jean Hersholt, Paul Harvey, Frank Coughlan, Jr. and Eddie Acuff. $19.95

Meet John Doe (1941)
Frank Capra's classic tribute to the common man. Starring Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck, Edward Arnold, Walter Brennan, James Gleason, Spring Byington, Gene Lockhart, Rod LaRoque, Regis Toomey, Sterling Holloway and Ann Doran. $19.95

Medicine Man (1930)
Strange melodrama about a smooth talking carny features Jack Benny in an early film performance. Also with Betty Bronson, Eva Novak and George E. Stone. $19.95

Melody for Three (1941)
Another in the 'Dr. Christian' series from RKO. Starring Jean Hersholt, Fay Wray and Walter Woolf King. $19.95

Men Are Not Gods (1937)
British drama about a wife convincing a theatre critic to alter his scathing review of her husband's play. Starring Miriam Hopkins, Gertrude Lawrence, Sebastian Shaw and Rex Harrison. $19.95

Men of Chance (1932)
Gangsters send Mary Astor to cozy up to Ricardo Cortez, who has a gift for picking winning racehorses. $19.95

Men of Sherwood Forest (1957)
Starring Don Taylor as Robin Hood. Directed by Val Guest. Color. $19.95

Message to My Daughter (1973)
Kitty Winn plays a troubled teen who gains strength by listening to tapes made by her long-dead mother (Bonnie Bedelia). Color. $19.95

Millie (1931)
Helen Twelvetrees ends her marriage and goes from one love affair to the next, finally getting involved in a fatal shooting. $19.95

Millions (1991) a.k.a. Miliardi
Starring Lauren Hutton, Billy Zane and Carol Ault. The money grubbing relatives of a wealthy industrialist use sex and guile to get at his fortune. Color. $19.95

Mimi (1935)
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. stars as a struggling playwright who falls for Gertrude Lawrence. $19.95

Mine Own Executioner (1948)
This offbeat and powerful drama features Burgess Meredith as a psychiatrist who takes as a patient an ex-POW (Kieron Moore) who is now totally psychotic. The doctor gets more that he bargains for, to say the least. Includes fine performances all around and many unfogettable scenes. $19.95

The Miracle Kid (1942)
A young man (Tom Neal) is forced into a boxing career against his will - a situation that causes trouble with his lovely wife (Carol Hughes). Also starring Betty Blythe and Vicki Lester. $19.95

Mister Johnson (1991)
An educated but devious black man gets into trouble with the authorities in 1923 Africa. Starring Pierce Brosnan and Edward Woodward. Directed by Bruce Beresford. Color. $19.95

Money Means Nothing (1934)
Gloria Shea falls in love with 'lowly' tire clerk Wallace Ford. Her wealthy family disaproves of their marriage, and soon Ford gets mixed up in a tire hijacking. Also with Edgar Kennedy and Betty Blythe. $19.95

Mr. Imperium (1951)
A prince (Ezio Pinza) falls for a starlet (Lana Turner), but is called back to his own country to become king. Years later (when Turner is a star), they begin again. Also with Marjorie Main, Barry Sullivan, Cedric Hardwicke, Keenan Wynn and young Debbie Reynolds. Color. $19.95

Mutiny (1952)
When a ship sets sail with $10 million in gold (to finance the War of 1812), everyone aboard develops a murderous case of gold fever. Starring Mark Stevens, Angela Lansbury, Patric Knowles, Rhys Williams and Clayton Moore. Color. $19.95

Mutiny on the Blackhawk (1939)
Adventure yarn starring Richard Arlen, Andy Devine, Constance Moore, Noah Beery, Sr., Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams and Paul Fix. $19.95

Mrs. Mike (1949)
A proper Bostonian (Evalyn Keyes) ventures into the Canadian woods, where she falls in love with mountie Dick Powell and is forced to adapt to his rugged ways. $19.95

My Old Kentucky Home (1938)
A singer is blinded when a rival throws acid in his face. He returns home and the townspeopel help him regain his confidence (and singing voice). Starring Evelyn Venable, J. Farrell MacDonald and The Hall Johnson Choir. Features the music of Stephen Foster. $19.95

Mystery Plane (1939)
John Trent as Tailspin Tommy (see also 'Stunt Pilot'). $19.95

Nana (1934)
Based on the Emil Zola novel. Starring Anna Stern (Samuel Goldwyn's Russian discovery), Lionel Atwill, Reginald Owen and Mae Clarke. Specify 1934 version. $19.95

Nicholas Nickleby (1947)
Classic Dickens tale starring Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Stanley Holloway, Derek Bond and Sally Ann Howes. $19.95

Night Flight (1933)
Exciting adventure film from David O. Selznick. Star-studded cast includes John Barrymore, Clark Gable, Helen Hayes, Lionel Barrymore, Robert Montgomery, Myrna Loy, William Gargan and Frank Conroy. $19.95

The Night Has Eyes (1942) a.k.a. Terror House
Two schoolteachers on holiday (Joyce Howard and Tucker McGuire) search the region where their friend disappeared a year before. A storm forces them to seek refuge in the home a disturbed veteran (James Mason) whom they come to suspect as the killer. This moody thriller horrified audiences all over England. $19.95

Night of Nights (1939)
Starring Pat O'Brien as a playwright who has cut himself off from society after being dumped by his wife. His young daughter (Olympe Bradna) ultimately brings him out of his shell and he returns to Broadway. Also with Reginald Gardiner and Roland Young. $19.95

Night Train to Munich (1940) a.k.a. Gestapo
Carol Reed's superb espionage drama is often called one of the greatest spy films ever made. Starring Rex Harrison, Margaret Lockwood and Paul Henreid. $19.95

No Marriage Ties (1933)
Alcoholic newsman Richard Dix finds his life in turmoil when his fiancee (Doris Kenyon) kills herself. $19.95

No More Women (1934)
Edmund Lowe and Victor McLaglen are rival deep sea divers. They get into a fight and Malaglen is assumed dead when he falls into the ocean. Also with Sally Blaine and J.P. McGowan. $19.95

No One Man (1932)
Divorcee Carole Lombard can't decide between marriage to psychiatrist Paul Lukas or playboy Ricardo Cortez. $19.95

No Other Woman (1933)
Irene Dunne makes a millionaire out of her husband (Charles Bickford), only to see him fall for another woman. Also with J. Carroll Naish and Gwili Andre. $19.95

Of Human Bondage (1934)
A doctor (Leslie Howard) becomes obsessed with tramp Bette Davis in this classic adaptation of the W. Somerset Maugham novel. Also with Reginald Owen, Alan Hale and Reginald Denny. $19.95

The Old Swimmin' Hole (1940)
A young man dreams of becoming a doctor and practices on pets in the town where he lives. Starring Mae Jones, Jackie Moran and Leatrice Joy. Specify 1940 version. $19.95

Oliver Twist (1933)
Monogram's version of the Dickens classic features Dickie Moore as Oliver and William (Stage) Boyd as Bill Sikes. $19.95

One Girl's Confession (1953)
A beautiful woman steals money and then serves her jail sentence, secure in the knowledge that the loot will be waiting for her upon her release. Directed by and starring Hugo Haas. Also with Glen Langan and Cleo Moore. $19.95

One Third of a Nation (1939)
The contrasting lives of lower and upper class city dwellers. Starring Slyvia Sidney, Leif Erickson and Sidney Lumet. $19.95

One Way Passage (1932)
Touching melodrama features William Powell as a prisoner being shipped from Hong Kong to San Quentin for execution. During the voyage he enters into a doomed love affair with Kay Francis. $19.95

Our Daily Bread (1934)
King Vidor's acclaimed story of a family coping with the Great Depression. Starring Karen Morley and Tom Keene. $19.95

Our Town (1940)
Classic adaptation of the Thornton Wilder play. Starring William Holden, Frank Craven, Martha Scott and Beulah Bondi. $19.95

Outpost in Morocco (1949)
George Raft falls for Marie Windsor while crushing a tribal rebellion. Also with Akin Tamiroff and John Litel. $19.95

The Outsider (1940)
The medical community rejects doctor George Sanders new treatment until he cures a crippled girl. Also with Barbara Blair and Mary Maguire. Specify 1940 version.$19.95

Painted Faces (1929)
A German immigrant works as a circus clown. A rare dramatic role for comic Joe E. Brown. $19.95

The Painted Hills (1951)
Starring Paul Kelly and Lassie. Color.$19.95

Panama Flo (1932)
Showgirl Helen Twelvetrees get mixed up with gangsters. Also with Robert Armstrong and Charles Bickford. $19.95

Panic in the City (1968)
Investigator Howard Duff looks into the death of a nuclear scientist. Also with Nehemiah Persoff, Anne Jeffreys, Dennis Hopper, John Hoyt and Linda Cristal. Color. $19.95

Paper Tiger (1975)
David Niven tutors a kidnapped Japanese lad. Also with Ando, Toshiro Mifune and Hardy Kruger. Color. $19.95

Park Avenue Logger (1937)
a.k.a. Tall Timber, Millionaire Playboy
A blueblood patriarch (Lloyd Ingraham) sends his son (George O'Brien) to a tough lumber camp 'to make a man out of him' - without knowing that the boy is in reality a top wrestler. Also with Ward Bond, Beatrice Roberts, Willard Robertson and Bert Hanlon. $19.95

The Passing of the Third Floor Back (1936)
A mysterious stranger (Conrad Veidt) moves into a rooming house and gets involved in the lives of the other tennants. $19.95

Passion and Valor (1983)
a.k.a. Love is Forever A reporter rescues his girlfriend from Laos when it is overrun by the communists. Starring Michael Landon, Edward Woodward, Priscilla Presley and Moira Chen (porn star Laura Gemser). Color. $19.95

Passport to Suez (1943)
Starring William Warren as The Lone Wolf. Also with Ann ('Detour') Savage and Sheldon Leonard. $19.95

Patterns (1956)
Fascinating drama set in the world of business. Written by Rod Serling and starring Van Heflin, Everett Sloane, Beatrice Straight and Ed Begley. $19.95

Peck's Bad Boy (1934)
Jackie Cooper stars as a bratty son who gives his parents nothing but trouble. $19.95

Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus (1938)
Starring Tommy Kelly, Ann Gillis, Benita Hume, Edgar Kennedy, Billy Gilbert and Spanky McFarland. $19.95

Penny Serenade (1941)
Romantic comedy drama starring Irene Dunne, Cary Grant, Beulah Bondi, Edgar Buchanan and Ann Doran. $19.95

Penthouse (1933)
Top-notch comedy-drama from W.S. Van Dyke. Warner Baxter stars as a lawyer who teams up with a charming call girl (Myrna Loy) to get the goods on a crime kingpin. Also with Mae Clark and Charles Butterworth. $19.95

Perils of the Jungle
Starring Clyde Beatty and Phyllis Coates. $19.95

Personal Maid (1931)
A lower class girl (Nancy Carroll) takes a job as an uptown maid to change the course of her life. Also with Pat O'Brien. $19.95

Pimpernel Smith (1942)
Archaeologist Leslie Howard spies on the Nazis while digging for artifacts in this quality espionage drama. $19.95

Pirate Ship (1949) a.k.a. The Mutineers
Freighter captain Lyle Talbot is found murdered - his pockets full of counterfeit money. Crooks George Reeves and his girlfriend Adele Jergens take over the ship, and Jon Hall pretends to go along with them. $19.95

The Poppy is Also a Flower (1966)
Seminal TV movie about dope and it's detrimental effects. Starring Angie Dickenson, Yul Brynner and Rita Hayworth. Color. $19.95

The President Vanishes (1934)
A group of businessmen conspire to drag America into a European war. With Arthur Byron, Paul Kelly, Rosiland Russell, Sidney Blackmer and Jason Robards, Sr. $19.95

The Pride of Jessie Hallam (1981)
Johnny Cash comes to grips with his illiteracy. Also with Brenda Vaccaro and Eli Wallach. Color. $19.95

The Private Life of Don Juan (1934)
Romantic adventure with Douglas Fairbanks, Merle Oberon, Binnie Barnes and Benita Hume. $19.95

Professional Soldier (1936)
Victor McLaglen kidnaps boy-king Freddie Bartholomew, is caught and arrested, and later comes to the aid of the young monarch. $19.95

The Promise (1969)
A pair of Soviet soldiers both fall for a homeless girl during a siege. Starring John Castle, Ian McKellen and Susan Macready. $19.95

The Proud and the Damned (1972)
Chuck Connors and his fellow Civial War soldiers get mixed up in a local revolution while hiding out in Latin America. Also with Cesar Romero and Jose Greco. Color. $19.95

Punch and Jody (1974)
Starring Glenn Ford as a circus grifter who meets a young woman claiming to be his daughter. Also with Ruth Roman, Parley Baer, Kathleen Widdoes and Billy Barty. Color. $19.95

Puppet on a Chain (1971)
Barbara Parkins stars in this thriller about a narcotics cop trying to smash a drug smuggling operation. Color. $19.95

Queen of the Yukon (1940)
Adventure in the frozen north starring Charles Bickford and Irene Rich. Loosely based on a Jack London story. $19.95

Rage of Paris (1938)
Romance yarn featuring French sensation Danielle Darrieux in her U.S. debut. Also with Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Mischa Auer and Mary Martin. $19.95

Rain (1932)
Joan Crawford stars as Sadie Thompson in this adaptation of the W. Somerset Maugham classic. Also with Walter Huston, William Gargan and Guy Kibbee. $19.95

The Rake's Progress (1945)
a.k.a. Notorious Gentleman
Great character study of a British cad (Rex Harrison) and his wasted life. Also with Lili Palmer and Guy Middleton. $19.95

The Red Fury (1984)
A 10-year old Indian boy grows to love a horse. Starring Wendy Lynne, Katherine Cannon, Juan Gonzales, Alan Hale and Will Jordan. $19.95

Ride the High Wind (1967)
Pilot Darren McGavin crashes in the southwest African desert and is aided by a mysterious pair connected with a missing gold shipment of years ago. Color. An interesting adventure yarn. $19.95

Riel (1979)
Story of the 19th Century Canadian rebel leader Louis Riel. Starring William Shatner, Leslie Nielsen and Christopher Plummer. Color. $19.95

The Ring (1952)
Boxing drama focuses on discrimination against Hispanics. Starring Gerald Mohr, Rita Moreno (specify 1952 version). $19.95

The River Niger (1976)
A black family experiences various trials and tribulations. Starring James Earl Jones, Cicely Tyson and Lou Gossett, Jr. From the Tony Award winning play. Color. $19.95

Road to Singapore (1931)
A doctor and his wife (Louis Calhern and Doris Kenyon) are sent to Singapore. The wife feels neglected and soon takes up with a handsome bachelor (William Powell), who initially resists her ample charms. $19.95

Roar of the Press (1941)
Newspaper drama starring Wallace Ford, Jean Parker, Jed Prouty and Robert Frazer. $19.95

Run Like a Thief (1967)
Action film featuring diamond theives vs. soldiers of fortune. Starring Kieron Moore, Ina Balin, Fernando Rey and Keenan Wynn. Color. $19.95

Salt of the Earth (1954)
Social drama about striking workers. Starring Rosaura Revueltas and Will Geer. $19.95

San Demitrio, London (1947)
The crew of a damaged merchant marine vessel struggle to bring it into port. Starring Walter Fitzgerald and Mervyn Johns. $19.95

Saraband (1949)
Costume drama abouyt a count (Stewart Granger) and his doomed love for Joan Greenwood. Color. $19.95

Satan's School for Girls (1973)
A young woman goes undercover at an exclusive girls' school to investigate a series of mysterious 'suicides.' Starring Kate Jackson, Cheryl Ladd, Roy Thinnes and Pamela Franklin. Color. $19.95

Saturday Night Kid (1929)
Clara Bow, Jean Arthur $19.95

Savage Drums (1951)
Sabu battles the communists in this adventure film from Lippert. Also with H.B. Warner, Sid Melton and Bob Easton. $19.95

The Savage is Loose (1974)
Incest results when a family is stranded on an island. Starring George C. Scott (who also produced and directed), John David Carson and Trish Van Devere. Color. $19.95

Scandal Sheet (1940)
A newspaper publisher gives his illegitimate son a job. Starring Otto Krueger, Ona Muson and Don Beddoe. Specify 1940 version. $19.95

Scandal Sheet (1952)
Broderick Crawford turns a respected newspaper into a yellow tabloid. Also starring John Derek, Donna Reed, Henry Morgan and Rosemary DeCamp. Specify 1952 version. $19.95

The Scarlet Letter (1934)
Adapted vrom the Nathaniel Hawthorne classic. Starring Colleen Moore, Alan Hale, Henry B. Walthall, Hardie Albright and William Farnum. $19.95

The Scarlet Pimpernel (1935)
Classic adventure tale starring Leslie Howard, Merle Oberon, Nigel Bruce and Raymond Massey. $19.95

The Scoundrel (1935)
Fine comedy drama from Ben Hecht starring Noel Coward and Julie Haydon. $19.95

Scrooge (1935)
Fine adaptation of Dickens' 'The Christmas Carol' starring Sir Seymour Hicks. $19.95

Sea Devils (1937)
Tough seaman Victor McLaglen learns that his daughter (Ida Lupino) wants to marry Preston Foster instead of the officer he's chosen. Specify 1937 version. $19.95

The Sea God (1930)
Richard Arlen's air line is cut while he's diving for sunken treasure. Also with Fay Wray and Robert Perry. $19.95

The Second Face (1950)
A homely and disfigured dress designer (Ella Raines), submits to plastic surgery and ends up beautiful. Also with Bruce Bennett and Rita Johnson. $19.95

The Secret of the Loch (1934)
An eccentric professor searches for the Loch Ness Monster, aided by his granddaughter and the reporter who loves her. $19.95

A Sensitive, Passionate Man (1977)
The sad story of an engineer who ends up a hopeless drunk. Starring Angie Dickenson, David Janssen and Rhodes Reason. Color. $19.95

Seven Days Leave (1930)
Soldier Gary Cooper agrees to act as a son for an aging spinster. $19.95

Seven Days to Noon (1950)
An atomic scientist threatens to blow up London unless the government suspends production of nuclear weapons. Engrossing thriller stars Barry Jones and Olive Sloane. $19.95

Seventeen (1940)
Jackie Cooper stars as an adolescent struggling with the pains of growing up in this adaptation of Booth Tarkenton's story. Also with Betty Field (as Cooper's love interest), Otto Kruger and Peter Lind Hayes. $19.95

Shame (1961) a.k.a. The Intruder, I Hate Your Guts
Young William Shatner stars in this provocative Roger Corman film about bigotry and prejudice. Shatner arrives in a southern town that will soon be integrating it's schools. He does all he can to stir up racial animosity among the citizenry. $14.95

Shocked (1986) a.k.a. Mesmerized
Jody Foster stars as an innocent orphan who marries a cruel man (John Lithgow) many years her senior. Set in 19th century New Zealand. Color. $19.95

Sign of the Wolf (1941)
Wilderness story of a champion dog who comes through after a plane crash. Starring Michael Whalen, Grace Bradley, Darryl Hickman, Mantan Moreland and Louise Beavers. $19.95

The Silk Express (1933)
On a cross country trip, silk manufacturer Neil Hamilton is confronted by various unsavory characters who want to corner the market. Also with Sheila Terry, Allen Jenkins and Guy Kibbee. $19.95

Silver Blaze (1941)
a.k.a. Murder at the Baskervilles
Starring Arthur Wontner as Sherlock Holmes. $19.95

Sinners in the Sun (1932)
Romantic drama starring Carole Lombard and Chester Morris. $19.95

The Sins of Dorian Gray (1983)
Starring Anthony Perkins and Belinda Bauer. Classic Oscar Wilde story with a female lead this go 'round. Rare live action feature from Rankin-Bass ('Rudolph the Red Nosed Raindeer'). Color. $19.95

Sin Takes a Holiday (1930)
Stenographer Constance Bennett marries her boss (Kenneth MacKenna) as part of a deception. She travels to Europe and meets a cultured gentleman (Basil Rathbone) who tries to talk her into getting a divorce. $19.95

Siren of the South Seas (1937)
a.k.a. Paradise Isle
Starring Movita and Warren Hull. $19.95

Sixteen Fathoms Deep (1934)
Starring Sally O'Neil, Creighton Chaney (Lon Chaney, Jr.) and George Regas. Specify 1934 version. $19.95

Sixteen Fathoms Deep (1948)
Starring Lon Chaney, Jr., Arthur Lake and Lloyd Bridges. Specify 1948 version. $19.95

Skull and Crown (1938)
Reliable adventure film with Regis Toomey, Jack Mulhall, Lois January and Rin Tin Tin, Jr. $19.95

Sky Giant (1938)
Exciting adventure romance picture with Richard Dix, Chester Morris and Joan Fontaine, who crash land in the arctic wilderness. $19.95

The Sky Parade (1936)
Enemy agents threaten to steal a top secret plane from a group of WWI vets. Starring Jimmy Allen, William Gargan, Kent Taylor, Grant Withers and Katherine DeMille. $19.95

Sky Patrol (1939)
Another entry in the exciting 'Tailspin Tommy' series. Starring John Trent, Marjorie Reynolds, Milburn Stone, Jason Robards and Jackie Coogan. $19.95

Skyway (1933)
Ray Walker is a former pilot who takes a bank job at his girlfriends' request. Money turns up missing and he's accused of taking it. Also with Kathryn Crawford, Jed Prouty, George ('Gabby') Hayes and Lucien Littlefield. $19.95

The Small Back Room (1949) Hour of Glory
A science-minded young loner (David Farrar) is called upon to difuse a bomb. Also starring Jack Hawkins and Robert Morley. $19.95

Smart Girl (1935)
Ida Lupino and Gail Patrick are sisters left to their own devices when their wealthy father dies suddenly. Also with Kent Taylor and Sidney Blackmer. $19.95

NEW! Smart Woman (1948)
Comedy drama features Mary Astor as a wife who returns from vacation and finds her husband dallying with pretty but daffy Noel Francis. Specify 1931 version. $19.95

Smash-Up, the Story of a Woman (1947)
Susan Hayward (in her first major outing) stars as a music star who gives up her career to help her new husband rise to fame. Also with Lee Bowman, Marsha Hunt and Eddie Albert. $19.95

Someone Behind the Door (1971)
A demented psychiatrist (Anthony Perkins) uses an amnesiac murderer (Charles Bronson) to gain revenge on his unfaithful wife. French production co-starring Jill Ireland. $19.95

Song of the Eagle (1933)
Story of a brewery owning family and the trials they face during and after Prohibition. Starring Richard Arlen, Charles Bickford, Jean Herscholt, Louise Dresser and Andy Devine. $19.95

The Son of Monte Cristo (1940)
Cad George Sanders tries to force Duchess Joan Bennett to marry him. With Louis Hayward as the Count of Monte Cristo. $19.95

Son of the Navy (1940)
A young orphan attaches himself to navy man James Dunn. Also with Dave O'Brien and Jean Parker. $19.95

South Riding (1938)
Fine drama detailing the lives of a group of Yorkshire residents. Starring Ralph Richardson, Edna Best, Ann Todd and Edmund Gwenn. $19.95

The Spy Ring (1938)
Spy drama starring Jane Wyman, William Hall, Ben Alexander and Leon Ames. $19.95

Square Shoulders (1929)
A man leaves his family behind and becomes a bum, causing him to be racked with guilt. Starring Junior Coghlan and Anita Louise. $19.95

Stairway to Heaven (1946)
Superb fantasy about an RAF pilot (David Niven) who is 'scheduled' to die but miraculously lives. Unique film also stars Kim Hunter, Raymond Massey and Richard Attenborough. Color. $19.95

A Star is Born (1937)
Janet Gaynor and Fredric March star in this superb show business drama about a fading star and his tragic drop in popularity. Also with Adolphe Menjou, Andy Devine and Lionel Stander. Specify 1937 version. Color. $19.95

The Stars Look Down (1939)
Magnificent adaptation of A.J. Cronin's novel about coal miners fighting for less dangerous working conditions. Directed by Carol Reed and starring Michael Redgrave and Margaret Lockwood. $19.95

Stigma (1972)
Various people contract venereal disease after their lives of casual sex. Starring Phillip Michael Thomas of 'Miami Vice' fame. Color. $19.95

Stormy (1935)
Noah Beery, Jr. befriends a young colt and tries to mediate a dispute between two brothers, one who wants to exploit the animal and the other who wants to see it returned to its' place in the wild. Also with Jean Rogers, J. Farrell MacDonald and Glenn Strange. $19.95

Strange Fascination (1952)
A concert pianist ruins his career when he becomes obsessed with a beautiful young woman. Starring Hugo Haas and Cleo Moore. $19.95

Strangers All (1935)
Three brothers are complete strangers to one another. Starring May Robson and Preston Foster. $19.95

Strangers in Love (1932)
Frederic March plays two brothers (one good, one bad) in this comedy drama. Also with Kay Francis, Stuart Erwin and Sidney Toler. $19.95

Streamline Express (1935)
Epsiodic film details the lives of various passengers traveling by train. Starring Victor Jory, Evelyn Venable and Sidney Blackmer. $19.95

Street Scene (1931)
Award winning drama focusing on the inhabitants of a New York City tenement building. Starring Sylvia Sidney, William Collier, Jr., David Landau, Estelle Taylor, Walter Miller and Beulah Bondi. Directed by King Vidor with music from Alfred Newman. $19.95

Stunt Pilot (1939)
Aviation adventure starring John Trent as Tailspin Tommy (see also 'Mystery Plane'). $19.95

Subway (1985)
The intertwining lives of various underground types. Starring Isabelle Adjani and Christopher Lambert. Directed by Luc Besson. Dubbed into English. Color. $19.95

The Suicide's Wife (1979)
a.k.a. A New Life
A woman rebuilds her shattered life after her husband kills himself. Starring Angie Dickenson and Todd Lookinland. Color. $19.95

Svengali (1931)
Hypnotist John Barrymore takes advantage of nude model Marian Marsh. $19.95

Swamp Fire (1946)
Olympic champs Johnny Weissmuller and Buster Crabbe star in this adventure yarn. Also with Virginia Grey and young David Janssen. $19.95

The Swap (1969) a.k.a. Sam's Song
Starring Robert DeNiro, Jennifer Warren and Sybil Danning. A film editor spends the weekend 'connecting' with his friends. Rated R. Color. $19.95

Sweetheart of the Navy (1937)
Sailors help out a singer (Cecilia Parker) working in a crummy dive. Also with Eric Linden and Jason Robards, Sr. $19.95

Sweethearts on Parade (1930)
Musical drama featuring Lloyd Hughes as a Marine who falls in love with Alice White while on leave in NYC. Specify 1930 version. $19.95

Swing High, Swing Low (1937)
Musical drama based on the play 'Burlesque.' Starring Carole Lombard, Fred MacMurray, Dorothy Lamour and Anthony Quinn. $19.95

Swiss Family Robinson (1940)
Thomas Mitchell, Edna Best, Tim Holt and Freddie Bartholomew star in this fine adaptation of the famous story. An English family becomes shipwrecked on their way to Australia and learns to adapt themselves to their beautiful but unforgiving new world. $19.95

A Tale of Five Women (1951)
British soldier Bonar Colleano (who doesn't have an accent because of time spent in the U.S.) develops amnesia and is sent to America, 'where he belongs.' Also with Eva Bartok and Gina Lollobrigida. $19.95

A Tale of Two Cities (1958)
Charles Dickens' classic adapted by T.E. B. Clarke. Starring Dirk Bogarde and Cecil Parker. Specify 1958 version. $19.95

Taming of the Shrew (1929)
Silent stars Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford are featured in this early talkie based on Shakespeare. $19.95

Tango (1936)
Chorus girl Marian Nixon endures various hardships in this Chesterfield drama. Also with Chick Chandler, Matty Kemp and Marie Provost. $19.95

Target of an Assassin (1976)
a.k.a. Tigers Don't Cry, African Rage, Fatal Assassin, The Long Shot
Starring Anthony Quinn and John Phillip Law. Two killers mark an African leader for death. Color. $19.95

Tarzan and the Trappers (1958)
Tarzan (Gordon Scott) battles a band of evil white hunters out to loot a lost city. Made from footage of a proposed TV series. Also with Eve Brent and Ricky Sorenson. $19.95

Telephone Operator (1938)
A flood brings together a pair of phone installers with two operators. Starring Grant Withers, Judith Allen and Alice White. $19.95

The Tender Years (1947)
In an interesting change of pace, Joe E. Brown plays a clergyman who crusades against dog fighting in his community. $19.95

Ten Laps to Go (1937)
Race driver Rex Lease loses his nerve after a tragic car accident. Also with Muriel Evans, Duncan Renaldo, Marie Provost and Yakima Canutt. $19.95

Ten Nights in a Barroom (1931)
Oft-filmed story demonstrating the evils of John Barleycorn. Businessman William Farnum spends all his time drinking in a bar while his troubled family waits for him. $19.95

That Brennan Girl (1946)
Mona Freeman stars as a young woman who has been taught to take what she wants without regard for the feelings of others. Also with James Dunn, William Marshall and Frank Jenks. $19.95

They Made Me a Criminal (1939)
Great social drama with John Garfield as a prizefighter framed for murder and Claude Rains as the detective hunting him down. While hiding out, Garfield befriends a group of street urchins living out west (Billy Halop, Bobby Jordan, Leo Gorcey, Gabriel Dell and Huntz Hall). Also with Ann Sheridan. $19.95

The Thief of Bagdad (1978)
Latest adaptation of the classic tale. Starring Roddy McDowell, Peter Ustinov and Terrence Stamp. Specify 1978 version. Color. $19.95

Thursday's Child (1943)
Sally Ann Howe becomes a child star in the movies, but her family can't handle the pressure and begins to fall apart. Also with Stewart Granger and Kathleen O'Regan. $19.95

Tim (1979)
An older woman (Piper Laurie) falls in love with a handsome, retarded young man (Mel Gibson). Based on a novel by Colleen McCullough ('The Thorn Birds'). Color. $19.95

Toby McTeague (1986)
A troubled teen runs away from his home in Northern Canada, taking with him the sled dogs he has raised. He learns about life from a wise old Indian, and ultimately enters a dangerous sled race. Starring Winston Reckert and Yannick Bisson. Color. $19.95

Today We Live (1933)
Love triangle based on Willam Faulkner's story 'Turn About.' Starring Joan Crawford, Gary Cooper, Robert Young, Franchot Tone and Roscoe Karns. $19.95

Tom Brown's School Days (1940)
First screen version of the Thomas Hughes children's classic. Starring Cedric Hardwicke, Freddie Bartholomew, Billy Halop and Jimmy Lydon. Specify 1940 version. $19.95

The Torch (1950)
While overrunning a town, a Mexican general falls in love with Paulette Goddard. Romance also features Gilbert Roland, Pedro Armendariz and Walter Reed. $19.95

Tornado (1943)
This exciting film thrilled audiences more than fifty years before 'Twister.' Chester Morris and Nancy Kelly star in this story of a coal miner and his showgirl wife whose lives are threatened by nature's deadliest force. $14.95

Torture Ship (1939)
Mad doctor Irving Pichel uses Lyle Talbot's ship to transport convicts to a mysterous island. Directed by Victor Halperin and based on Jack London's story 'A Thousand Deaths.' $19.95

Tower of Terror (1941)
Wilfrid Lawson plays a demented lighthouse keeper who killed his wife years earlier. A beautiful woman (Movita) escapes from a concentration camp and swims to the lighthouse, and turns out to be the very image of the murdered woman. Also with Michael Rennie. $19.95

Tracks (1976)
A Viet Nam vet suffers paranoid fantasies while traveling cross-country with his pals' body. Starring Dennis Hopper and Dean Stockwell. Color. $19.95

The Trapp Family (1961)
True story of the family made even more famous in 'The Sound of Music.' This German version of their tale stars Hans Holt as baron von Trapp and Ruth Leuwerik as Maria. Color. $19.95

The Treasure of Monte Cristo (1949)
Sexy Adele Jergens marries sailor Glenn Langan (heir to the fortune of the Count of Monte Cristo) for his money, but finds herself falling for him. Also with Steve Brodie, Robert Jordan and Sid Melton. Specify 1949 version. $19.95

Tulsa (1949)
Exciting adventure set in the oil fields of Oklahoma. Starring Susan Hayward, Robert Preston, Chill Wills, Ed Begley, Lola Albright, John Dehner and Iron Eyes Cody. Color. $19.95

Turn of the Tide (1935)
'Romeo and Juliet' type story with warring families in a Yorkshire fishing village. Starring Geraldine Fitzgerald. $19.95

24 Hours to Kill (1965)
Starring Lex Barker, Mickey Rooney and Walter Slezak. $19.95

Two Alone (1934)
Orphan girl Jean Parker is treated as a slave by an evil farmer. Also with Beulah Bondi and ZaSu Pitts. $19.95

Two Dollar Bettor (1951)
Gambling ruins John Litel in this social drama Real Art. Also with Marie Windsor, Steve Brodie, Carl Switzer and Barbara Billingsly. $19.95

Two Minutes to Play (1937)
Herman Brix battles Eddie Nugent in the classroom, on the football field and for the love of Jeanne Martel. College drama from Sam Katzman. $19.95

Under the Big Top (1938)
Romantic triangle set against a circus backdrop. Starring Anne Nagel, Marjorie Main, Jack LaRue and Grant Richards. $19.95

Undertow (1930)
Lighthouse keeper Johnny Mack Brown goes blind and loses his new bride. Also with Mary Nolan and Robert Ellis. Specify 1930 version. $19.95 Unfaithful (1931)
Ruth Chatterton discovers that her husband Paul Cavanaugh has taken on a mistress (Juliette Compton). Because of her social standing, she is expected to ignore the affair,since a divorce would be scandalous. On a holiday in the Alps, she meets and falls in love with Paul Lukas. $19.95

Uptown New York (1932)
Story of a doomed romance featuring Jack Oakie and Shirley Grey. $19.95

Vanity Fair (1932)
Myrna Loy, Barbara Kent and Conway Tearle star in this adaptation of the classic Thackeray novel. See also 'Becky Sharpe.' $19.95

Village Tale (1935)
People in a small town make life miserable for Randolph Scott in this interesting social drama. $19.95

Violent Road (1958)
a.k.a. Hell's Highway
Six men drive a dangerous cargo across rough terrain in this varation on 'The Wages of Fear.' Starring Brian Keith, Dick Foran, Ann Doran and Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. $19.95

Voodoo Tiger (1952)
Starring Johnny Weismuller as Jungle Jim. Also with James Seay and Jean Byron. $19.95

Walk Into Hell (1957)
Adventurer Chips Rafferty leads a group into the wilds of New Guinea in search of oil. Color. $19.95

Wallaby Jim of the Islands (1937)
Seabound adventure about a captain protecting his cargo of pearls from a band of pirates. Starring George Huston and Ruth Coleman. $19.95

Waterloo Road (1949)
John Mills is separated from his wife by the war. His wife takes up with a cad (Stewart Granger) who has lied about his health to stay out of the service. $19.95

The Way of All Flesh (1940)
Businessman Akim Tamiroff is presumed dead when he turns up missing. He visits his family years later and they don't recognize him. Specify 1940 version. $19.95

When Thief Meets Thief (1937)
Starring Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. as a cat burglar who falls in love with Valerie Hobson, the fiancee of his ex-partner Alan Hale! $19.95

The White Orchid (1954)
Archeologist William Lundigan and photographer Peggy Castle search the Mexican jungle for a lost civilization. $19.95

White Pongo (1945)
Robert Fraser stars in this jungle adventure. 1940s audiences seemed most interested in seeing co-star Maris Wrixon's blouse torn open by the deadly white gorilla of the title. From PRC. $19.95

Whom the Gods Destroy (1934)
Fascinating story of a man who disguises himself as a woman to save himself during a shipwreck. He's presumed dead and has to remain in hiding. Starring Walter Connolly, Robert Young, Scotty Beckett and Doris Kenyon. $19.95

Wild Boys of the Road (1933)
Acclaimed depression-era drama about boys who leave home to ride the rails. Starring Frankie Darro and directed by William Wellman. $19.95

Windjammer (1937)
State's Attorney George O'Brien gets mixed up with gunrunners when he tries to serve a wealthy yachtsman. Specify 1937 version. $19.95

Wine, Women and Horses (1937)
Former gambler Barton MacLane tries to please his strict wife but is drawn once again to horseplaying as well as his old girlfriend Ann Sheridan. $19.95

Without Orders (1936)
Two pilots (playboy Vinton Hayworth and regular guy Robert Armstrong) both battle for the affections of sexy stewardess Sally Eilers. $19.95

A Woman of Experience (1931)
Because of her shady past, Helen Twelvetrees is recruited to cozy up to a man suspected of being a German spy. Also with Lew Cody, William Bakewell, H.B. Warner and ZaSu Pitts. $19.95

The World Acuses (1935)
When her husband dies, Vivian Tobin loses custody of her only son. Also with Dickie Moore, Paul Fix and Robert Frazer. $19.95

Young Bride (1932)
Helen Twelvetrees finds herself married to a creep in this slice-of-life drama from David O. Selznick. Also with Eric Linden, Arline Judge, Ropscoe Ates and Cliff Edwards. $19.95

The Young in Heart (1938)
A family of con artists struggle to go straight in this great comedy drama from David O. Selznick. Starring Janet Gaynor, Roland Young, Billie Burke, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Richard Carlson, Minnie Dupree and Paulette Goddard. $19.95

Yukon Flight (1940)
Exciting adventure story with James Newill as renfrew of the Royal Mounted Police. Also with Warren Hull and Dave O'Brien. $19.95

Zanzibar (1940)
Action packed adventure yarn that pre-dates Raiders of the Lost Ark by over forty years! A team of British explorers battle the Nazis and search Africa for an enchanted skull that brings extraordinary power to whoever posseses it. Starring James Craig, Lola Lane and Eduardo Ciannelli. $19.99

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